We are a boutique social business leveraging contemporary design and traditional craft
techniques to preserve heritage artisanal work and cultural identity. 

​We connect home based workshops with brands and international markets to create a system for financial predictability and enhance livelihoods of local craftspeople.

We operate on a zero waste mission. We are committed to sourcing and processing 100 percent local raw materials. 
We work at the very root of the craft supporting and employing exclusively traditional hand working techniques with designs adapted for the 21st century market. 

​Our artisans are like our extended family and we care about their livelihoods as much as we care about ours. 

We currently employ artisans in northern and central Romania, the Highlands of Guatemala and immigrant communities in Southern California. 

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Yours truly, 
Diana and Mihai
Mozaique Founders


Our Vision

Our Mission

Artisans and their families lead thriving lives whose social and economic advancement is the result of their skills being justly valued and protected.

Hatch the untapped potential of artisans and back their efforts to experience successful and sustainable growth by supporting their quest to identify solutions to their challenges.

Our Community

Committed to zero Waste. 100 percent traceability of the fibre. Locally sourced and processed materials. Heritage textile and traditional techniques employed for all our branded products. 

The Road to Rug

Romania faces a wool processing deficit due to lack of collection centers, washers and wool combing systems. Over 70 percent of the yield of wool annually goes to waste, either by being burned or simply being landfilled.

Maria is committed to continuing her craft, as she has been for the past forty eight years.  When it's time for shearing the sheep in the village, she's a trusted partner of the local shepherds. She gets the raw wool, washes it at the river, combs it by hand and hand spins the yarn to secure her year long supply for weaving.

It takes sixty hours of work for each rug to come to life, over a year long period of time. Weaving was a community affair, a mother daughter bonding time and wisdom sharing treat.

With the rise of cheap imports and increasing migration, the younger generation won't carry on the tradition or the learn how to weave, but if we bring enough business to Maria, the craft will go on.