The Transylvania Blanket is handcrafted from locally sourced wool in partnership with Transylvania's Weavers, a family owned weaving workshop in the heart of Transylvania, Mures County. The workshop was established in the '70s and the weaving techniques and passion for preserving local traditions have been transmitted over two generations.


The weavers use only Romanian undyed wool, locally sourced from small farmers in Transylvania. The entire production process takes place in the artisans' village and each bed throw is finished by hand. 


The diamond shaped patterns is used to create TWO different sides of the same blanket by skilfully weaving together off-white raw wool.   

Transylvania Blanket Diamonds - Stripes

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  • Due to the nature of handcrafted goods, each item may differ slightly.

    100% locally sourced wool

    Made in Romania

    Handcrafted and handmade

    Machine wash (cold water) and dry

    Size inches: 55 x 80